Start Today. Repeat Tomorrow.

As I was lurking my favorite /r/ on Reddit, I ran into this gem. It resonated with me. I used to dream the biggest of dreams. I would calculate every move that would lead to my victory like a dime store Bobby Fisher. But they were only dreams. Until, I decided to take action.

You don’t need to make some grand master plan. You just need to start. Start on that 1 thing. 1 thing. 1 step at a time. Once you do the 1 thing, you can build on the next thing. After the next thing, is the following thing. You can’t build anything, unless you start. If you want to build your dream, you have to start.

This right here, is my start. This post is my 1 thing. My first blog post in many many years. I did it. Now, onto the next thing.

You’re turn.

<p>A local boy from Hawaii on a journey to live a dope life and do dope things!</p>

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